Carla Funk

Carla Funk was born and raised in Vanderhoof, the geographical centre of British Columbia and one of the earliest Mennonite settlements in the province. Though she left Vanderhoof after high school and has lived on Vancouver Island for a quarter of a century, she still returns in her writing to her childhood hometown, her family, those long Sunday sermons, and the rumble of her father’s logging truck coming down the drive.

Carla’s newest book, Every Little Scrap and Wonder – part ode to childhood, part love letter to rural life – was published in 2019 by Greystone Press.

On her website, Carla writes: "I taught university creative writing classes for over 15 years, wrote editorial critiques and commentary on stacks and stacks of poems, struggled to find new ways to say Show, don’t tell! and Avoid cliché! and Wow! What an image! I had the privilege of serving as the City of Victoria’s inaugural poet laureate, promoting the literary arts in the city, reading poems at city council meetings, giving away chocolate and love poems to strangers on Valentine’s Day, and making poems for public spaces. These day, I spend more time writing, reading, and leading writing workshops and retreats."